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If you think somethings missing from your enhanced TV game , for ABC's  "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire," you're absolutely right!
    This incredible companion to the  "Who Wants to Be  a  Millionaire" enhanced TV  online game, gives you the winning advantage!
 What is it?
  If you've ever played along with the game online, you will have noticed that during commercial breaks , there are bonus questions that are asked  ABOUT THE SHOW ITSELF! And if you don't have a photographic memory, its going to be hard to recall  all that information. These questions are worth 15,000 + Bonus points.   Bonus points get worth less and less as the clock ticks.  Speed counts, so you gotta be quick with the  answer!
Online Player Advangtage  interactive Notepad makes all this easy . . . and fun!

   Just enter game information onto the notepads' convenient catagory boxes using the fine tipped "wet erase" marker. (supplied free with your ETV "interactive notepad" order!)

Online Players Advantage interactive notepad is designed   solely for  taking notes during ABC's "enhanced TV"online game to get the winning advantage!
 What's so great about that  ??
    A few good reasons , Enhanced TV  Interactive Notepad is:
  . . . Divided into individual , easy to read catagories , that correspond  with the show.

 . . . Re-usable. Sturdy laminated design. Just wipe clean with a damp cloth or rinse under the tap and wipe dry. Use again and again!

. . A paper saver .   Eliminates  the need for scratch paper.

. . . Unique.  There is nothing like it .    Anywhere!   

. . . A great gift .  For the casual or serious online  ETV player, or for the person who has"everything".

. . . . Educational.

. . . Two sided. Each side is identical.  This  makes it easy to keep info from the previous contestant.
. . . Easy to follow layout. Corresponds with game catagories for fast and easy "information retreival" when it counts!

. . . .Giving you the winning advantage!

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